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Costa Rica Fishing

General Information - About Us

Pez Rey is staffed by professional fishing guides from the U.S. and Costa Rica. All of our guides live in Costa Rica so we are fishing and exploring the local waters over 300 days a year and can pass that experience on to our clients.

Through time on the water, we have learned the intricacies of Costa Rica's abundant sport fishing resources. We are familiar with seasonal changes, weather patterns, tidal flows, and lunar cycles and how they effect our fisheries. We know the local species and their habits, from migration routes and spawning seasons to desired habitats and feeding preferences.

We are the only full time fly fishing guides (some with over 35 years of experience) in the area, we have earned the reputation as the ones who know and understand the local fisheries. Pez Rey guides also have many years experience with spinning tackle, so we can accommodate our non-fly fishing clients.

All of our guides speak English and Spanish (some speak French and Patois) and have current Red Cross CPR and First Aid training. 


Pez Rey can take you sport fishing anywhere you want to fish & wherever the fish are.