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Central Pacific Coast Mountain River Fishing

There are several different watersheds on the Central Pacific Coast that each contain large main river drainages that are fed by numerous tributaries and literally hundreds of small creeks and streams. Most of these watersheds are small in area geographically, but have many fishing opportunities due to the mountainous nature of the landscape and it’s proximity to the ocean. The waters are warm but the environments are mountainous with many of the upper river sections providing whitewater action year around. The predominant species in these waters is the Machaca which is a favorite for it’s aggressive nature when feeding on or near the surface, and for it’s acrobatics. Roncador (Pacific Grunt), Mojarra, Guavina, and Tepe-Machin are common to this area and in 2007 the International Game Fish Association world record for Roncador (7 lbs. 2 oz.) was caught in these waters. Even though some of the mountain trips start over 450feet in altitude, we can find saltwater species like Snook and Cubera Snapper cruising in the area. Mountain river trips are done either on foot, from drift boats and duckies, or both.

Because of higher water levels and whitewater conditions during the rainy months in the mountains, these trips are only available from December to May and then depending on the weather through August.

Pacific Lowlands

Once the rivers reach the lowlands they are bigger, wider and calmer and are home to an interesting mix of species. It is in these waters that Snook usually reach their limits of inland migration and where Machaca and Roncador also reach their limits of seaward travel. Some of the bigger specimens of each species can be encountered so this is typically bigger rod and heavy shock/bite tippet territory. These fisheries are usually worked from driftboats and on foot due to the quiet, serene nature of the environment and the wary, spooky traits of the larger fish that inhabit the area. Jonboats with 4 stroke outboards are used only seasonally when longer distances have to be traveled.

pez rey inshore fishing FULL DAY FRESHWATER TRIPS (2 people max.)

The rivers we fish include: The Savegre, Naranjo, Parrita, Paquita, Damas, Guavo, Portolon, Cañas, Cañitas, Coto and various other small tributaries and spring creeks.

Whitewater sections of river do exist on some of these trips so clients need to be prepared for all conditions. Due to remote locations and lack of manpower in the wilderness clients may be asked to assist with physical tasks like loading and unloading boats.

So please advise us of any physical limitations when booking.



Pez Rey can take you sport fishing anywhere you want to fish & wherever the fish are.